DUCEMUS - We Lead!
By Members of Her Crew

From the great Atlantic Ocean,
To the wide Pacific shore,
From the queen of flowing mountains,
To the South hills by the shore.

We're mighty rough for adventure,
But known quite well by all,
We're a mighty combination,
On the Wabash Cannonball.

Listen to the music,
The rumble and the roar,
As she takes off down the runway,
To fight the war once more.

Hear the mighty rush of the engines
That's known quite well by all.
We're going on to victory,
On a mission to Rabaul.

Here's to Pappy Lewis

(Lt. Leon "Gilly" Lewis, pilot)
May his name forever stand
And long be remembered
In the state of old Queensland.

With "Good Deal" Brown beside him,

(Lt. Robert Brown, co-pilot)
Who's known and loved by all,
A mighty combination,
On the Wabash Cannonball.

Here's to Chris who brings us back,

(Lt. Pasquale "Pat" Christiano, navigator)
He charts our course for home.
He's never wrong, he'll never be,
No matter where we roam.

Here's to the members of the crew,

(Pfc. William Westland, gunner)
The lads who never fail,
To our hero Billy Westland,
Who got a Zero on our tail.

Here's to dot-dash Scotty,

(Pfc. Raymond Scott, radio operator)
He's master at the code,
And when it comes to manning guns,
He shares most the load.

Here's to Jake the quiet guy,

(Pfc. Jacob Muehl , bombardier)
He hasn't much to say,
But when old trouble comes along,
He gives them hell to pay.

And don't forget our engineer,

(Sgt. Benjamin Earlichman, flight engineer)
Ben Early is his name,
At loving gals and shooting Japs,
That's how he gets his fame.

A mighty crew we give to you,
We'll be there at the call,
We're traveling on to glory,

Marauder #40-1517. Identity of Airman in co-pilot's window unknown.
Marauder #40-1517. Identity of Airman in co-pilot's window unknown.
William Westland Collection

Cy Klimesh

I am proud to have served with the Red Raiders

Squadron insignia from THE MARAUDERS, courtesy of Bob Crawford

Keep 'em Flying!