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Col. Richard W. "Red" Robinson, after whom in battle the 22nd Bombardment Group was named the Red Raiders, and its valiant officers and men who, torn from their homes on 7 December 1941 and, new to combat, flew and tamed a tough and fast medium bomber which in the states was grounded as a killer. During 1942, disregarding the odds against them and sans fighter cover, the B-26 Marauder air crews, facing heavy concentrations of anti aircraft fire and jackal packs of Zeroes flown by Japan's combat seasoned top aces, suffered heavy losses. On the ground, mechanics and ground crews, lacking parts and equipment and suffering from exhaustion, worked day after day in primitive, miserable hell-like conditions to keep their warbirds flying.

The 22nd BG had been given an offensive role against a far superior enemy. Acknowledging that the job had to be done, its men and officers did it with aggressiveness, grim courage and almost no support or recognition from the service and country for which so many of them, the Colonel included, made the supreme sacrifice. From the group history: On the morning of 21 January (1945) Robinson, the Group Commander, was killed, with a crew of twelve, when the plane in which he was flying crashed on take-off as he was about to lead the Group on the first raid on Formosa from the Philippines. The 26-year old Colonel took part in the first daylight bombing raid on Palau. He received the Presidential Unit Citation, after the Buna raid, the Air Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross with one Oak Leaf Cluster, and ribbons designating the Pacific Theater, American Theater; Pre-Pearl Harbor enlistment; and not long ago, the Silver Star. He came overseas with the Group in February 1942. He had named his first plane �Red Raider� and when he became Group Commander, the men in his Squadrons took the name for the Group. It (is) a living memorial to one of the great pilots of this war.

In Memorium

2nd Lt. Dewy G. Allmon
Sgt. Warren Allmon
2nd Lt. Robert E. Allred
1st Lt. Louis A. Almeida
1st Lt. Franklin J. Anderson
2nd Lt. Melvin L. Anderson
S/Sgt. Roy S. Anderson
1st Lt. Ralph L. Anderson
Sgt. Michael F. Angarone
Cpl. Raymond A. Arendell
Sgt. Harold E. Bailey
Cpl. Walter B. Bailey, Jr.
Sgt. Henry G. Baish
2nd Lt. Percy H. Baker, Jr.
2nd Lt. Ira O. Bakken
1st Lt. Nathaniel H. Ball
Cpl. Gene G. Barnes
2nd Lt. Gerald J. Barnicle
S/Sgt. Carmen Barreca
Cpl. Arthur M. Barteau
T/Sgt. Salbatore Battaglia
T/Sgt. Louis D. Bauerle
2nd Lt. Roy H. Baxter, Jr.
2nd Lt. Harold P. Beck
2nd Lt. Hugh P. Bedient
Cpl. Eugene E. Bell
1st Lt. Willis G. Bench
2nd Lt. Richard C. Bennett
2nd Lt. William P. Bergin
2nd Lt. Lawrence R. Berry
Sgt. Chester L. Bertram
S/Sgt. Lawrence J. Bettencourt
2nd Lt. James K. Bishop
S/Sgt. John C. Black
1st Lt. Earl W. Blessing
Cpl. Willard L. Bohlken
Cpl. Raymon T. Boothroyd
T/Sgt. William T. Borden
Sgt. Marshall P. Borofsky
S/Sgt. Sam K. Bourne
2nd Lt. Kenneth H. Bozell
S/Sgt. Russell R. Bradley
2nd Lt. Charles E. Brammer
T/Sgt. Donald A. Brewer
2nd Lt. George R. Brinker
Capt. Jason L. Brown
S/Sgt. William M. Brown
2nd Lt. William R. Brown
Sgt. Warren R. Brunn
S/Sgt. George H. Bullock
2nd Lt. Daniel J. Bums
Sgt. Harold L. Burk
1st Lt. Paul, Burlingame, Jr.
2nd Lt. Daniel J. Burns
S/Sgt. Leroy Burrell
2nd Lt. George E. Burrell
Sgt. Robert G. Burton
Pfc. John W. Butler
2nd Lt. Richard M. Bylander
Cpl. Thomas F. Cadder
Oscar Cagle
Sgt. Glenn A. Campbell
Pvt. Lester D. Caraway
2nd Lt. Albert E. Carpenter, Jr.
Cpl. Gerald D. Carson
Sgt. Richard B. Carson
T/Sgt. Warren J. Carstens
2nd Lt. Patt W. Carter
2nd Lt. Carroll W. Casteel
2nd Lt. Elimen J. Cazeau
1st Lt. James T. Chapman
PFC. William R. Chinn
S/Sgt. Armand D. Cingranelli
S/Sgt Robert E. Ciscell
1st Lt. Donald J. Clarey
T/Sgt. Ralph B Clark
2nd Lt. Samuel T. Cleveland
Sgt. Llyod W. Coffman
1st Lt. Zola Cohen
1st Lt. Jules E. Cook
S/Sgt. James F. Cook
T/Sgt. Roy Cooley
1st Lt. John E. Cooper, Jr.
1st Lt. Joseph A. Coronado
2nd Lt. Frank A. Corts
S/Sgt. Martin J. Costello
Sgt. William J. Crane
S/Sgt. Paul B. Crawford
T/Sgt. Donald L. Crepps
2nd Lt. Hubert G. Cribbs
2nd Lt. William H. Crockett
2nd Lt. William Crooks
Sgt. Wayne D. Cross
2nd Lt. Maurice I. Crouch
S/Sgt. Martin P. De La Cruz
T/Sgt. John E. Cunningham
2nd Lt. James W. Currie
2nd Lt. John F. Daley, Jr.
2nd Lt. Cedric N. Daniels
Cpl. Reese S. Davies
Cpl. Durward R. Davis, Jr.
Sgt. Howard W. Davis, Jr.
S/Sgt William H. Davis, Jr.
Cpl. Edward A. Dawson
Cpl. Frank X. Deeley
1st Lt. Norman E. DeFreese
S/Sgt. Albert C. Deutsch, Jr.
T/Sgt. Paul Dies
2nd Lt. Douglas W. Diggs
2nd Lt. Claude O. Ditmore
T/Sgt. Joseph F. DiVita
2nd Lt. George T. Dolnack
2nd Lt. Thomas C. Domville
F/O Percy Donack
M/Sgt. C. Donovan, Jr.
Sgt. Normand J. Dostie
2nd Lt. Hugh C. Dougherty
2nd Lt. James F. Dow
2nd Lt. George A. Duerr
Sgt. James R. Duffield
Cpl. Joseph C. Dukes
2nd Lt. William S. Dunn
2nd Lt. Earl E. Ellsworth
PFC. Vernon H. Englebrecht
Pvt. Robert M. Enyeart
Pvt. Emil H. Ereckson
Sgt. John W. Evans
2nd Lt. Louis J. Faller
2nd Lt. Edward L. Falvey
Cpl. Eugene L. Farthing
2nd Lt. Joseph M. Finn
Sgt. Robert E. Fischer
2nd Lt. Lawrence W. Fischer
Capt. Carl L. Flogstad
1st Lt. James M Focht
2nd Lt. Jefferson B. Fogle
Sgt. Estel L. Foster
1st Lt. Harry C. Franklin
Sgt. Patsy R. Franciola
2nd Lt. Nicholas W. Freije
Cpl. Arthur J. Frigerio
S/Sgt. Robert J. Fritz
T/Sgt. Joseph A. Fritz
1st Lt. Virgil D. Fugler, Jr.
2nd Lt. Louis J. Fuller
2nd Lt. William B. Fulton
S/Sgt. Dennis R. Galloway
S/Sgt. Wallace B. Garner
Capt. William A. Garnett
T/Sgt. Samuel F. Garver, Jr.
Cpl. Wayne J. Geltz
S/Sgt. James E. Gilbert
1st Lt. Frank P. Giugliano
Sgt. Charles C. Glaze, Jr.
S/Sgt. Luis G. Gonzales
Sgt. Clarence L. Goodman, Jr.
Sgt. Thomas W. Graham
Sgt. Garland L. P. Grant
Sgt. Glen J. Gregory
Maj. Clifton A. Grisso
2nd Lt. James A. Guagliardo
1st Lt. James P. Gullion
S/Sgt. Edward E. Gunn
P/O "Bob" Gurney RAAF
2nd Lt. James H. Hail
2nd Lt. George J. Halaby
1st Lt. Elden E. Hamilton
S/Sgt. Alexander J. Hanna
1st Lt. Edward H. Hansen
2nd Lt. William D. Hargis
Sgt. Walter G. Harm
T/Sgt. Wallace M. Harry
1st Lt. Dwain E. Harry
Pfc. Joe H. Haswell
PFC. Joseph H. Haswell
Ist Lt. Robert R. Hatch
S/Sgt. Daniel E. Hatfield
S/Sgt. Paul K. Hayes
2nd Lt. Edward M. Hayes
2nd Lt. Charles P. Heath
T/Sgt. Tellie H. Hedge, Jr.
PFC. Robert J. Heilman
T/Sgt. Emmett W. Henderson
S/Sgt. Warren N. Henderson
1st Lt. Carroll G. Henry
2nd Lt. Carl L. Hensing
1st Lt. Gerald Herman
2nd Lt. Christian I. Herron
T/Sgt. Arthur C. Hicks
Cpl. William H. Hill
S/Sgt. David G. Hinman
PFC. Raymond E Hoag
S/Sgt. Harold J. Hockaday
2nd Lt. Ernest Hodous, Jr.
2nd Lt. Keith T. Holm
S/Sgt. John T. Hooks
Sgt. George S. Horan
Cpl. Vernon D. Huddleston
Sgt. Benjamin F. Huffstickler
1st Lt. George P. Hug
1st Lt. Arthur M. Hughes, Jr.
2nd Lt. Duncan S. Hughes
2nd Lt. Charles A. Humble
Capt. James C. Hume
2nd Lt. Wyatt F. Hundley
T/Sgt. Clyde H. Hurst
2nd Lt. Jack Ingram
2nd Lt. Albert Istanish
2nd Lt. Philip L. Jander
Sgt. Earl A. Jennings
T/Sgt. Waldo C. Jensen
Cpl. Richard L. Jensen
1st Lt. Lee A. Johnson
1st Lt. Wirt A. Johnson, Jr.
1st Lt. Milton C. Johnson
1/Lt Lee A. Johnson
1st Lt. Donald R. Johnson
S/Sgt. Herman F. Jones, Jr.
S/Sgt. James P. Jordan
Sgt. Robert F. Jordan
2nd Lt. Leon P. Kallina
PFC. Walter P. Karwoski
2nd Lt. Joseph A. Kassebaum
Pvt. Peter J. Keane
PFC. Dallas W. Keefe
S/Sgt. Edison R. Keen
Sgt. Robert A. Keich
1st Lt. Augustus K. Kempkey
Pvt. Thomas J. Kennedy
2nd Lt. Edward A. Kent
Lt. Arthur C. King
S/Sgt. Richard F. King
Sgt. Kasimer A. Kleinot, Jr.
2nd Lt. Herman E. Knauer
S/Sgt. Alfred C. Knudtson

2nd Lt. Frank A. Kobal
Cpl. Manuel Koff
PFC. Joseph Kotcher
Cpl. Joseph A. Kovach
Cpl. Thaddius Kraszewski
2nd Lt. Stewart Krauss
2nd Lt. Jules H. Kravet
Pvt. Eugene W. Krzos
2nd Lt. Paul M. Lambert
PFC. Seymour S. Lamm
2nd Lt. Carl R. Lancaster
1st Lt. Spears R. Lanford
2nd Lt. Reed V. Larson
Maj. David P. Laubach
1st Lt. Robert W. Laurie
2nd Lt. William A. Lazenby
PFC. Alfred G. Legenhausen
2nd Lt. Paul Lello
S/Sgt. Frederic W. Leopold, Jr.
2nd Lt. John B. Lewis
Maj. Mark K. Lewis, Jr.
Sgt. Felix B. Lezynski
Sgt. Stephen Lilak
Cpl. Willard H. Lindeman
1st Lt. Robert A. Lint
T/Sgt. Truman L. Livingston
F/O Elvin W. Long, Jr.
Sgt. Pilot William E. Logan RAAF
S/Sgt. William Lowery
PFC. Gerald J. Lucien
S/Sgt. Elgin J. Luckenbach
Pvt. Dilworth P. Lund
Cpl. Ricard A. Lusher
T/Sgt. Theron K. Lutz
L/Cpl. Syney Robert Lynch RAAF
PFC. Martin K. Lyvers
S/Sgt. William P. Mackosky
Cpl. Raymond E. Magnan
Cpl. Alexander Makuch
2nd Lt. Joseph B. Maloney
T/Sgt. Leonard Mann
S/Sgt. Richard R. Mart
S/Sgt. Lawrence J. Martin
Sgt. D. A. Martin, Jr.
Cpl. C. MartinDale
S/Sgt. James H. Massengill
2nd Lt. Harold L. Massie
Cpl. Leslie E. Mathews
1st Lt. Peter Matteau
PFC. George G. May
2nd Lt. John F. May
S/Sgt. Marion B. May
2nd Lt. Herbert C. Mayes
2nd Lt. Garrett H. McCallister
S/Sgt. Edwin E. McClearen
2nd Lt. Gerald W. McClune
S/Sgt. Clifford F. McClure
S/Sgt. Peter P. McGinn
S/Sgt. Charles S. McLaughlin
Sgt. John H. McLean
Sgt. Harold L. McPheeters
2nd Lt. Philip E. McWeeney
2nd Lt. Joe H. Meaders, Jr.
2nd Lt. James A. Michael
Cpl. George H. Miles
T/Sgt. Arthur K Miller, Jr.
2nd Lt. William C. Mittereder
S/Sgt. Michael A. Miullo
2nd Lt. Edwin J. Monnig
2nd Lt. John T. Moore
2nd Lt. Antonio Morales, Jr.
Sgt. Thomas A. Morgan
Sgt. Jack C. Mosley
Pvt. Norman B. Musgrave
T/Sgt. Donald M. Myers
S/Sgt. John R. Myles
Cpl. Charles R. Myles
2/Lt Carl L. Nansing
Sgt. William W. Neel
T/Sgt. Chester J. Neil
Pfc. M. G. Neill
2nd Lt. George E. Nellis
S/Sgt. Chester B. New
2nd Lt. William N. Nickles
2nd Lt. Martin R. Niemi
1st Lt. Andrew J. Nitz
S/Sgt. John T. North
Sgt. George H. O'Brien
2nd Lt. Jack W. Oliver
S/Sgt. Roger F. Organ
S/Sgt. Frank Ostroff
PFC. Nyman W. Ostroff
1st Lt. John F. O'Toole
Maj. Orville W. Otto
2nd Lt. Horace Palmer, Jr.
S/Sgt. Joseph P. Papp
1st Lt. William A. Pappano
Capt. Thomas C. Paschal
P/O Alan Passmore RAAF
Pvt. Anthony J. Petitti
S/Sgt. Donald R. Petrie
Cpl. Richard S. Peyron
2nd Lt. John A. Phipps
PFC. Americo G. Picucci
S/Sgt. Andrew S. Pienczykowski
1st. Lt. Marshall R. Pierce
Sgt. Donald K. Pigney
S/Sgt. Joseph A. Piszczek
S/Sgt. Maurice M. Possley
T/Sgt. Thomas R. Powell
Sgt. William E. Primrose
F/O Angelo J. Rainieri
2nd Lt. Max J. Ramm
T/Sgt. Earl J. Ray
1st Lt. James F. Rayzor
S/Sgt. Hardeman Reavis
2nd Lt. Leland A. Rehmet
Pvt. Clinton O. Rhodes
2nd Lt. Theodore M. Richards
S/Sgt. Wade M. Richardson
Sgt. Elmer C. Richardson
2nd Lt. Harry Richmond
2nd Lt. William Ricks
Sgt. Raymond J. Riddle
Pvt. George M. Riehl
S/Sgt. Michael C. Rinello
Cpl. Arthur F. Ritonia
Cpl. Francis J. Rizzi
T/Sgt. Samuel R. Robey
T/Sgt. Roddy T. Roberts, Jr.
P/O Graham Robertson RAAF
2nd Lt. Solmu T. Robertson
T/Sgt. Samuel R. Robey
S/Sgt. Ray B. Robinson
Col. Richard W. Robinson
Cpl. Robert A. Rockefeller
1st Lt. John M. Rose
2nd Lt. Alonza T. Rountree, Jr.
T/Sgt. Don W. Rowland
Capt. Richard R. Royall, Jr.
2nd Lt. Robert N. Rye
PFC. Langham N. Sammons
S/Sgt. Richard T. Sands
Sgt. Harold H. Santarelli
Cpl. Arthur J. Sassani
Sgt. Pilot William L. Scanlon RAAF
S/Sgt. George B. Schaub
T/Sgt. Louis Schmidt
S/Sgt Gordon M. Schnitzler
Cpl. Roy M. Schoch
Cpl Joseph P. Schott, Jr.
S/Sgt. Raymond Schutrom
S/Sgt. Edward J. Sebelski
1st Lt. Duncan A. Seffern
2nd Lt. Eugene W. Sengstake
PFC. Frank Serao
2nd Lt. Nelson S. Shanks
S/Sgt. George E. Sharp
T/Sgt. Wayne W. Shaw
1st Lt. James T. Sheehan
S/Sgt. Claude A. Shelbaer
2nd Lt. Howard A. Shellington
Pvt. Jack C. Shirley
2nd Lt. Vernon R. Shortess
S/Sgt. Samuel Siegel
Cpl. Robert N. Simon
Cpl. Fred T. Simons
2nd Lt. Jack I. Singer
Capt. Leslie O. Skipper
Sgt. Paul I. Smith
Sgt. Harold H. Smith
S/Sgt. William C. Smith
Sgt. Paul L. Smith
S/Sgt. Marvin W. Smith
F/O Harold B. Smith
Capt. Robert C. Snip
1st Lt. Robert E. Spatzer
Maj. George H. Spaulding
Sgt. Jewell C. Spicer
S/Sgt. Frederick E. Splawn
Sgt. Stewart B. Starr
S/Sgt. William C. Steele
T/Sgt. Ronald C. Stein
Cpl. James F. Stengel
T/Sgt. Joseph C. Stevens
2nd Lt. Max W. Stevens
S/Sgt. Thomas H. Stewart
1st Lt. Robert C. Stone
S/Sgt. Robert H. Stovall
Cpl. Donald Sutherland
S/Sgt. Jack B. Swan
Pvt. Charles J. Sweeney
Lt. Joseph Tafaro
S/Sgt. George G. Tait
2nd Lt. Edgar S. Taylor
F/O Merle B. Taylor
S/Sgt. Norman D. Tidwell
2nd Lt. Paul R. Tofte
Sgt. Carl F. Tomlinson
S/Sgt. Andrew J. Troyanowski
Pvt. Alvin Troyer
M/Sgt. Charles Van, Jr.
S/Sgt. Charles Vargo
T/Sgt. Martin L. Verne
2nd Lt. Howard F. Vierling
1st Lt. William W. Vroom
Sgt. Roy W. Walters
Sgt. Hal C. Walton
Cpl. James P. Ward
2nd Lt. Francis J. Washington
S/Sgt. Stephen Watson
2nd Lt. Newell A. Wells
Sgt. Charles W. Wells
2nd Lt. Arthur E. Wentzel
2nd Lt. Lawrence I. Werner
Sgt. Harold E. Wharton
1st Lt. Donald W. White
S/Sgt. George W. Whitley, Jr.
S/Sgt. William J. Wicker
2nd Lt. John A. Widsteen
Pfc. Clifford B. Wilcox
Cpl. Charles R. Williams
2nd Lt. Sidney H. Willoughby
T/Sgt. Arthur Willson
2nd Lt. Harry Winsky
S/Sgt. George A. Winter
2nd Lt. Benjamin R. Wirz
Sgt. Stanley A. Wolenski
T/Sgt. Billy B. Woodard
2nd Lt. John H. Work
2nd Lt. Clarence E. Wright
S/Sgt. Peter J. Yogis
Cpl. Stanley Zajewski
This is believed to be a complete list of persons who lost their lives or went missing while in the service of the 22nd Bomb Group during World War II. If errors or omissions are noted, please notify me.

Cy Klimesh

I am proud to have served with the Red Raiders

Squadron insignia from THE MARAUDERS, courtesy of Bob Crawford

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