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    FORTY OF THE FIFTH by Australian author Michael John Claringbould is a testament to the men of the Fifth Air Force as told through the stories of the aircraft they flew. Each airplane's history is tracked from origin to demise through the author's extensive investigation of primary sources.

    The forty stories include some astonishing feats. One entire crew was returned to safety after crash landing over main land China. The crash of the Flying Fortress in New Guinea produced a heartbreaking diary etched in charcoal on the door of the plane of the crews final days. One woman found her father's remains 54 years after his plane crashed into the mountains in New Guinea.

    Dogfights, rescue missions, inexperience, crash landings, one-wheeled landings, bailouts over enemy territory, and mechanical failures all play a part in these stories of the war in the Pacific. It astonishes one to imagine that this narrative includes only a tiny fraction of the adventures of the Second World War.

Cy Klimesh

I am proud to have served with the Red Raiders

Squadron insignia from THE MARAUDERS, courtesy of Bob Crawford

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