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I served in the 33RD squadron in 1943-1944. I was stationed from Dubadura (?) to Owi during that time. I piloted the B24's and B25's. I have enjoyed finding this web site with my two girls. I told them stories they had never heard. I found some pictures of those days and will try to get them posted here for all to see. Thanks for the wonderful site....
Phil Maboll <>
Concord, nc USA
- Mon Dec 27 17:55:11 1999

I sat and looked through the web site with my step dad while I was visiting him in S.C. He was in the 33rdbg his name is Darwin Gene Deck. I really enjoyed this web site.
oh USA
- Thu Dec 9 17:06:59 1999

Hello! My uncle, William F. Shaffer, was a flight engineer and gunner on a B-24 with the 22nd BG, 408th BS from 1944 to 1945. If anyone out there served with or knew him, please feel free to contact me as we would love to meet people who knew him. Regrettably, Uncle Bill passed away on October 16th, 1994. His gentle good humor and wisdom are sorely missed.
John F. Hudak <>
Richmond, VA USA
- Tue Dec 7 10:42:31 1999

Hi all

Great site, have been "touring around" for about half an hour. I'm interested in all aspects of the B-25 Mitchell, we operate 44-29507 in the Duke of Brabant Air Force for airshows and special events in Western Europe. Interested in news for the future.

Kind regards

Duke of Brabant Air Force

Coert Munk
Coert Munk <>
Ugchelen, the Netherlands
- Sat Nov 6 04:36:45 1999

Looking for members of the 33d Bomb Squadron. Your squadron is alive and back on active duty. The 33d was reactivated on 1 Oct 98 and redesignated the 33d Flying Training Squadron - I was given the honor of being named the squadron commander. The Dragons now fly the T-37 as part of Joint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training at Vance AFB, Enid, Oklahoma. When we stood up the squadron, we could find very little written history on our heritage, and absolutely not artifacts, pictures, etc. Our squadron guidon does proudly display the many campaign streamers and unit citations the 33d earned - we are the most decorated unit at Vance. We would appreciate any information, pictures, artifacts, anything that could help us learn about past or be able to display in our squadron. Please contact us through my email or call us at (580)213-6640. You can also check out our web page at - look under the 71OG.
Richard Warner <>
Enid, OK USA
- Thu Nov 4 19:51:43 1999

Thomas Martin Mahon <>
Sebastian, Fl USA
- Mon Nov 1 04:07:47 1999

trying to locate info on s/sgt richard e hallagan. he was at
clark field in '45; rec'd air medal. may have parachuted out
at one time. thank you in advance. best, braxton
braxton bradford <>
tampa, FL USA
- Tue Oct 26 08:51:41 1999

my dad was a flight the 2nd sqdr, 22nd bomb grp.joined the group in 1942 ,flew 45 missions, last ones out of clark, in 45. he is in touch with his old buddy and tailgunner,vincent /jimmy/glynn. but would love to hear from others. we fly in the collings foundation b24 one time a year he still loves it.and so do I! any mail is welcome! oh dads name is frank McLeish
David McLeish <>
spfld, ma USA
- Mon Oct 18 18:47:48 1999

I was a Pilot with the 19th Sqn 22nd Bomb Group 1944 through 1945, stationed from Nadzab, Owi, Pleleu, Samar, @ Clark Field, returned home Aug 1945. On Chuck Critchfields B-24 that got shot up over Formosa May 31, 1945. I hope to be able to go the reunion at Las Vegas next year.
Robert A. Morgan <>
Crescent City, CA USA
- Sat Oct 9 23:52:13 1999

Hq. & Hq. Sqdn. from Langley to Nadzab. Would like to hear from anyone especially living in Southeast or with whom I served.rom
Leroy H. Mc Inturff <>
Pembroke, Ga 31321
- Wed Sep 22 22:38:15 1999

Great site! I have to show this to my Dad who served as a turret gunner in the 22nd Bomb Group--aboard Flying Dumbo. It's nice to see these terrific guys getting the recognition they have always deserved.
Nancy Goodspeed <>
- Tue Sep 14 13:17:21 1999

Hi, great site. My father servered with the 22nd Bomb Group as a crew chief throughout the war with Japan. His name is William "Bill" Bolte, Jr. He's out of state at the moment but will be back here the end of this month. I'm sure he'll love to see this site when I show it to him. Best wishes to all those who served and there families. Thanks, Paul
Paul Bolte <>
San Marcos, TX USA
- Sun Sep 12 06:57:57 1999

Very informative and impressive site. A salute to Red Raiders Squadron. Keep up the good work.
FongPing Wong <>
Ontario, CA USA
- Mon Sep 6 08:36:16 1999

AL Greer <>
Cambridge, Ontario Canada
- Mon Sep 6 07:19:34 1999

My compliments to you on an excellent website.
My father is Larry Wulf (mentioned in slide #3 of the Charles Critchfield Collection)
B-24J #42-100204 had also been the plane he flew on previous missions.
In a quirk of fate, my father was supposed to have been flying the plane (that day) in which Col. "Red" Robinson was killed.
Robinson, being his senior officer, had bumped him off the flight and taken it himself.

Dennis E. Wulf <>
Meeteetse, WY USA
- Sun Sep 5 17:40:32 1999

From someone who flew as a navigator in B24s on the other side of the world a salute from the 8th Air Force. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES.
Horace Turell <>
Phoenix, AZ USA
- Wed Sep 1 15:45:32 1999

Scott Des Planques <>
Missoula, MT USA
- Wed Sep 1 09:22:04 1999

My grandfather, Maj. Douglas J. Howard, USAF (Ret.), was assigned to the 22nd BW from July 1952 through September 1963. He spent the majority of this time as a B-29 and B-47 Aircraft Commander with the 19th BS, and ended up at Wing HQ in their flight operations area. He died in 1977, without ever taking the time to see his grandchildren; I am seeking anyone who knew or worked with him, in hopes of better understanding who he was and what he was like. Any information, good, bad or indifferent, is important to me; thank you in advance for any assistance that you can provide.

Brian J. Howard <>
Corning, NY USA
- Tue Aug 31 21:10:44 1999

Brian J. Howard
- Tue Aug 31 21:05:01 1999

Hello, I'd like to acknowledge the help of Charlie
Mason who recently put me in contact with Leo Bundusch
in response to an earlier email I posted to this site.

I spoke with Mr. Bundusch and he did know my father and
we are now corresponding. What a great feeling. Through
your site I am now getting to know my father !

robert demb <robert.demb@eng>
Campbell, Ca USA
- Fri Aug 20 13:49:36 1999

I was a pilot in the 19th squadron from Sept. 1941 until the latter part of Nov. 1943. I was a flight leader at the time I left the squadron at Dobodura. I would like to hear from anyone that flew with me on any of my 46 missions in the B-26
Robert Thompson <>
Polson,, MT USA
- Wed Aug 18 12:22:35 1999

Hi,survivors of the 22nd. I was in the Pacific, 405th Squadron of the 38th.
A few of you may be aware that the 38th was split off of the 22nd at Barksdale
field in early 1941. I only found out recently what happened to you when I started
cruising the net. I knew you were in New Guinea when we were there, but never had a
chance to visit your site. Best regards to all you survivors.
Joseph Perret <>
Charlotte , NC USA
- Fri Aug 13 14:05:12 1999

I am looking for information on 1st. Lt. William Wentworth Vroom. His mother was a family friend.

Tim Heck <>
Zionsville, IN USA
- Fri Aug 13 10:41:09 1999

I had a friend who told me many stories of his days with the Red Raiders. He is gone now, but I have his collection of photographic negatives to sort through and try to get images off of.

I have been thinking of finding others from his group for many years now. So glad to find this site !

Happy landings,

Tom Beech <>
Lexington, OH USA
- Wed Aug 11 10:29:27 1999

well im the grandson of william j wrienka and i just wanted to say that i luv this site and keep it up.
oliver wies <>
montpelier, vt USA
- Sun Aug 8 15:08:46 1999

Beautiful web site. Keep up the good work. My dad was
S/Sgt Benjamin F. Blasczyk. Anyone who knew him may
contact me any time. It would really make my day.
Alan Blasczyk <>
Milaca, MN USA
- Mon Aug 2 09:23:49 1999

Cy, your efforts are a tribute in the finest tradition to those who served. My Uncle, E. I. "Buddy" Thompson brought back a huge scrapbook which I, then four years old, spent many an hour studying with amazement. I am working now to scan all those photos and send in. May take a while, but I promise I'll get it done. Thanks for the call, & keep up the great work!
Dave Boyers <>
Plain City, OH USA
- Sun Aug 1 16:19:19 1999

Your web site is very impressive. I've enjoyed sitting here with my daughter sharing memories.

W. P. Taylor <>
Little Rock, AR USA
- Tue Jul 20 17:31:09 1999

Jack (Pish Posh) Hirschbein <>
Tamarac, FL USA
- Tue Jul 20 14:32:41 1999

Joined the 18th Recon. Sqdn. in 1939 at Mitchel Field, N.Y.
Affiliated with the 22nd B.G. as the 408th B.S. Went island hopping for 3 years. Rotated from Samar, Philippines in May 1945. Let's hear from my buddies.
Jack (Pish Posh) Hirschbein <>
Tamarac, FL USA
- Tue Jul 20 11:22:48 1999

Joined the 18th Recon. Sqdn. in 1939 at Mitchel Field, N.Y.
Affiliated with the 22nd B.G. as the 408th B.S. Went island hopping for 3 years. Rotated from Samar, Philippines in May 1945. Let's hear from my buddies.
Jack (Pish Posh) Hirschbein <>
Tamarac, FL USA
- Tue Jul 20 11:22:46 1999

This is Mark again. In reference to the story below, here are the names of the men killed in the crash. I'm getting this from a photograph I took of the granite marker in Korea. Crew: Edward B. Mills Jr., Joseph M. Orenbuch, Henry C. Ruppert, James E. Murray, Walter R. Hoover, Steven T. Wales, Ronald L. Johnson, Nicholas M. Simonich, Thomas G. Burnworth, John F. Regnault Jr., Warren E. Tittsworth. If any of you knew these men, let me know. (Did the 5th Airforce conduct missions over Korea in WWII? If not, what unit would these guys have been in? Again, thanks.
Mark S. Lovmo <>
Robbinsdale, MN USA
- Sat Jul 10 20:15:46 1999

I am trying to find out the unit and (I don't even know if it's the 5th Airforce) base from which a certain B-24 Liberator flew. The plane crashed on a bombing run on Yosu (?) in (South)Korea. The entire crew was killed when the plane crashed into a mountain towering over the town of Namhae on Namhae Island (Korea), some distance east of Yosu. A Korean man named Kim Duk Hyeong went up the mountain the following day with other laborers and Japanese authorities to recover salvageable parts (the crash happened on the night of August 7th, 1945). The Japanese told the Koreans to leave the bodies of the crew to rot, unburied. However, that night, Mr. Kim went up the mountain, and in a display of gratitude to the crew, (and in defiance of the Japanese), buried the men properly. He was caught and tortured in jail (he still suffers from it to this day), but luckily the war was over the next week. After the war, Mr. Kim erected a 4 meter-high granite marker at the crash site in 1956. He also holds a memorial service in Namhae every October 26th for the crew every year since the crash. This man has received commendations from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Forces in Korea, and U.S. newspapers have run stories on him and the crew. I am searching for more info on the plane the men flew in (unit, and where based). I am thinking of setting up a website in honor of Mr. Kim and the crew. Does anyone know how I could obtain this information? If so, please e-mail me! By the way, I know of this story since I once lived in Korea for two years working as an English teacher. I happened upon Mr. Kim's little Pharmacy that he owns in Namhae on a trip to Korea's southern coast. Please help!
Mark S. Lovmo <>
Robbinsdale, MN USA
- Sat Jul 10 20:00:20 1999

Wow, What a site! Thanks to Don Evans for alerting me to it's existence.
As the son of a 22nd member KIA (Lt Max Stevens) I am thrilled to see these photos and reminiscences.

Mike Edmonds

Michael Edmonds <>
Hong Kong, China
- Fri Jul 9 02:16:08 1999

My dad is Wilburn P. Taylor. He served with the 22nd in Guam and was with the 2nd bomb group I believe. He will be so excited to see this site. I'll share more information later.


Judy Parson <>
Little Rock, AR USA
- Mon Jul 5 14:31:20 1999

27June 1999
Wonderful site. I am dumbfounded that I did not know it existed before tonight. It was called to my attention by a member of the 38th Bomb Group.
I flew with the 408th Sq. from Nadzab in June 44 to Okinawa in October 45. Started out as a navigator on Bill Goodman's crew. Ended up flying with Maj Gus Larson.
Don Evans <>
Bonsall, CA USA
- Sun Jun 27 22:31:26 1999

Hello! I was very excited to find your site. I was a member of the 33 Sq. 22nd Bomb Group. I was a radio operator on the original B 24s to Australia in January 1944.
I would be very interested in hearing from others who served in my Sq.

Paul E. Hayes <>
Shelbina, MO USA
- Sun Jun 27 17:53:41 1999

My father Sam Demb was a radio operator/gunner in the
22nd bomb group. He died in 1974. I only have vague
memories of going through a black book in the house that
was about the 22nd bomb group. I distinctly remember his
hand written note below Col. Robinson's picture "killed on
takeoff." I have an old photo of "me and Leo Bundusch in
the tent" somewhere in New Guinea. I would like to communicate with anyone who flew/knew my father.


Robert Demb
Robert Demb <>
Campbell, Ca USA
- Mon May 31 15:50:16 1999

My husband who was Master Sgt. Joe Louis Crowder, Jr. died march 13th this year and we did not discover this web site soon enough. He would have loved it. He served from 1941 to 1944 with the 408th squardron in the 22 bomb group 5th army air corp. He was a flight engineer stationed in Australia and New Guinea from 41 to 44. He agot on points in1945. I would love to hear from any one who knew him.
mary lou crowder <>
columbia, sc USA
- Sun May 30 13:31:43 1999

I was the bombardier (Victorville, class 44-6) on the crew piloted by Frank H. McCullough. Wade Schroeder was the co pilot and Cliff Risley was the navigator. Other crew members were: Albert J. Eltz, George Hynes, Rex R.Reno, Clifford B. Schraeder, Robert D. Scott and Charles E. Stratten, Jr. Left the states for Townesville Aus. in Aug of l944 then to Nadzab and assigned to the 408 Sqdn. Moved on to Owi, the Palaus, Samar, Clark Field, Okinawa and finally home. Am in touch with John Mires, Wade Schroeder, Rudy Riccio, Cliff Risley of the 408th. and bombardier Everett Cobb of (of the l9th?) Would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has knowledge of any ex crew members

Silveo Colletti <>
`Westfield, NJ USA
- Thu May 27 16:38:54 1999

B24 Pilot 33rd Sqd 20 missions with RED RAIDERS
LeRoy Olsak <>
San Angelo, TX USA
- Wed May 19 15:14:21 1999

I was in the 13th Air Force in the Pacific from 1943 to Dec 1945. Just finished going thru my group & now went into yours as we worked together & I made a lot of friends in the 5th. Keep up the good work. Going to a reunion in Branson this year, not many of the guys left so it will be nice to see them again. Stay well. Louis
Louis Zwieback <>
Port St Lucie, Fl USA


Great website about the Red Raiders! As a writer, I am very grateful for pages like this one, it's a great source. While writing about the WWII airwar in my novel, The Triumph and the Glory, I relied often upon the wealth of information made available by veterans over the internet. I would like to thank everyone who has so generously offered their thoughts, comments, photographs, and words of remembrance to websites like this one. We must never forget the sacrifices so many young men made on our behalf.
Steven Edward Rustad <>
Grand Forks, ND USA
- Saturday, April 10, 1999 at 10:31:49 (PDT)

Interesting site. I'm particularly interested in the 22nds Australian history. Wish there more pic's of the Marauders at Townsville
Doug Jones <>
Perth, WA Australia
- Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 04:52:21 (PST)

Good to read the history of the 22nd. I served in the 22nd ( 408th then 33rd) From 1960 to 1963. We operated B-47's out of March AFB.
Pinky Wagner <>
Denton, TX USA
- Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 13:26:22 (PST)

I was a Radio Operator/Gunner on a B-24 in the 33rd Squadron, 22nd (Red Raiders) Bomb Group from about April to September, 1945. I would like to hear from anyone who was on the crew commanded by Lt. Warren Koch-like Koch, Duncan, Roach, etc.(
Guy Hughes <>
Langley-, WA USA
- Friday, March 12, 1999 at 23:33:04 (PST)

very nice sight. Thank you for keeping America Free
Don Eversole <>
Portland, or USA
- Sunday, February 28, 1999 at 00:55:17 (PST)

My Father is in photo of "BlondeBomb" front row white hat.
He was a nose gunner, schooled in Laredo,TX Aerial Gunner Training School. Flew missions mostly in Philipines. He was a great,proud Vet and we loved him and truly love our VETS! Thanks for the efforts and God Bless America.
Richard Knezevich <>
Richmond, KY USA
- Wednesday, February 24, 1999 at 19:56:47 (PST)

I really loved your site. My great-uncle served in the 8th AF on a B-24 but I had a great-cousin who served and died in the Pacific theatre of operations and while I never knew him I have gotten a huge interest in this particular area. I would love to be kept up to date on any updates or any one who has information about my great cousin. His name was Rusty Randolph (obviously a redhead) and he was 19 years old at the time of his death. He served as a waist gunner on a B-24 liberator. I think (not positive) that he went down in New Guinea.
Jennie Mills <>
Indianapolis, IN USA
- Monday, February 08, 1999 at 19:27:35 (PST)

It's been a while... come on over and visit!
Click on �banner� to visit�

Daniel L. Stockton <>
Liberator Land!, B-24 USA
- Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 10:18:19 (PST)

I'm trying to locate the 38th Bomb Group. I've been trying to locate them going on 3 years now. The Air Force lists a disconnected phone# in the name of Lew Pavel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Chris Guest
Chris Guest <>
Richmond, Va USA
- Saturday, January 09, 1999 at 07:28:57 (PST)

My Dad (Arthur Wilson) was an aerial engineer.
Most of the information, and stories he had are gone,
as he past away in 1974, when I was 14. However,my Mom has
many letters he sent her, and Im currently going through them
and trying to record important facts about the group.
I know one B24 he was assigned to was named "Special Delivery".
Also, that he was in atleast one crash into the ocean.
If anyone served with Arthur Wilson, I would love
to talk with you.

Cy...great work on this site..

David J Wilson <>
Rochester, NY USA
- Thursday, January 07, 1999 at 16:54:24 (PST)

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