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I am looking for information on my father, Joseph Marandola, who served as a corporal/tailgunner. I would like to hear from anyone who might have known him. Thank you.
gary marandola <garymmsr57@cox.net>
johnston, ri USA
- Thu Nov 4 07:28:51 2004

My dad, Nick Merdich, served with the 408th squadron in the southwest Pacific. He is looking for a book similar to the unit history he has called "The Marauder" but that came later and would have more info about the 22nd's role of heavy bombardement with the Liberators. I would also be interested in hearing from anyone who served weith my dad. Thanks.
Pam Hays <PammHays@aol.com>
Buffalo, NY USA
- Sun Oct 17 11:40:25 2004

COL. WILLIAM G. WALKER, JR/ <wwalker469@aol.com>
- Wed Oct 6 09:51:57 2004

Located a headstone in our local cemetary of 2Lt Martin Niemi lost on 20Oct43. Your website indcated a mid air collision involving two B-25's 41-40573 and 41-30604 on that date. Could anyone notifiy me as to any particulars to this incident or may have known Lt Niemi?

These Vets must be remembered don't you agree?
Jeff Selesky <jssel@aol.com>
Marquette, MI USA
- Wed Aug 25 11:47:14 2004

Need B24 plane number crashed off Biak middle to late June
1945. May be one my crew ferried there.
Cliff Cox <xxocc@mail.parallax.ws>
Centerville , INDIANA USA
- Thu Aug 12 08:51:34 2004

I was going to school at the time,when the Red Raiders were stationed at Reid River.The airstrip was right at our back door.
The night that 41-30410 crashed we were listening too the War News. We heard this plane take off,my father said that plane sounds said that plane sounds a bit low.It flew over our house,it missed our roof by about 10ft.It looks the piolot was trying to crash into the river bed.it didn't make it.
It crashed on open land about 200 yards from our house and opposite the control tower,there were other houses only about 50 yards away.
All the railway workers ran out too see if they could do anything,then all hell broke loose, the tracer bullets started flying. luckily there was a storm water drain running along there that is where they remained untill it burnt it's self out.
Miracullously none of the houses were hit.We were told later on that if it had crashed the next morning it would of been loaded with bombs so things could have been tragic.
A few days later I found a ring belonging to one of the crew.My father took it to the Commanding Officer and he said it didn't have any sentimental value so I was allowed to keep it.I wore for many years, but someone stole it from me.
After all these years I still have fond memories of the squadron.
Bill Gard
Bill Gard <kafooti@bigpond.net.au>
warwick, Qld. Australia
- Fri Aug 6 23:20:53 2004

My father in law was in the 37th medic divison of the national guards that left out of Cincinnati Ohio in 1940. We are tring to locate any one that was in his divison. If you know where we can locate a list of his divison please send me a message. His name is James Walters.
Cynthia Walters <cw52763@cox-internet.com>
Kilgore, tc USA
- Sun Aug 1 20:41:46 2004

I have some Red Raider photos on Cy's site here(Tom Beech - Moffatt collection) and decided to post more at another address if you care to visit. Please leave message there if you recognize anyone.
Tom Beech
Lexington, OH USA
- Fri Jul 23 12:45:01 2004

- Fri Jun 18 10:22:47 2004

Hello-Our father was in the 33rd Bombardment Squadron (H) 22ND Bombardment Group (H) APO 72 / Crew #34-J-2493: James F Rock,Paul R Tofte,Richard R.Mann,Forest G. Hunter, Clifford Brown, Petez J. Yogis, Norman J. Dostie, Robert G. Burton, Marlin L. Holsten...Participating in a raid over Balikpapan, Borneo on October 14, 1944. Our father was the bombardier-Lt. Wilbert L. Beitler. We are searching for anyone who has information on whereabouts of the following to talk with about our dad. Our father passed away in Chicago April 29, 1954.
Nancy Beitler-Sakurai <nancy.l.sakurai@disney.com>
Anaheim, CA USA
- Mon Jun 14 09:16:50 2004

My father, William L. McGohan of Monroe,Ohio, was a navigator with the 33rd bomb squadron. I have 165 letters written to grandparents from Aug. 1943 to December 1945. He spoke very little of those times even though we were very close. We lost him in May of 1992 and several years later I received these letters from my aunt.
Toni McGohan-O'Keefe <tonimokeefe@aol.com>
Southport , N.C. USA
- Thu Jun 10 20:08:43 2004

Thank you for a great site. I am looking for anyone who might have known my father, DELBERT "Junior" CONRAD. He was a Master Sergeant, Crew Chief, in the 22nd BG and I think the 33rd BS between 1941 - 1945. Any information will be appreciated. I am particularly interested in getting a confirmation on his squadron. Thanks.
Hank Conrad <hank@oneagle.com>
Sugar Grove, IL USA
- Sat Jun 5 21:42:24 2004

Message board is down, so I'll post this here.

My Grandfather - Lt Carl "Joe" Wells - flew for the 408th Bomb Squadron of the 22nd Bomb Group.

His first Mission was on 5/13/1944 against Maffin Airdrome. Subsequent missions, 51 in all, were flown against Arara Village, Sarmi-Sawer area, Wake Island, Biak Island, Mokmer Airdrome, Peleliu Island, Noemfoor Island, Boela, Heito Formosa, Bataan Island, Corregidor Island, round Support, and Hong Kong. His final combat mission was flown on 5/9/1945 against Canton China.

Below is a list of his crew from a photo I have (no date/no location):
Lt Carl "Joe" Wells-Pilot
Lt Ken W. Silvius-Co-Pilot
Lt Billy S. Youngs-Bombadier
Lt Frank J. Matuszewski-Navigator
Staff Sgt John R. Talbot-Engineer
Sgt Allen C. Hardin- Radio
Sgt Virgil G. Waltz-Top Turret
Sgt Robert W. Winnings-Waist Gun
Sgt Wilfred J. Robin-Waist Gun
Cpl Hayward J. Brill-Tail Gun

If anybody has any information about the above, please contact me.

Michael Wells
Michael Wells <monkey@humanbean.com>
Minneapolis, Mn USA
- Thu May 27 14:15:32 2004

My father wass in 5th Air Force AAF air crew on B 26 and A20s
Roger L. Fletcher <micahsdaddy@webtv.net>
Medina, TN USA
- Thu May 20 15:00:25 2004

Enjoyed your site!
Friend of Harlan Morman-pilot 2nd Bomber Sqd.
JACK COOK <Ordy1Jack@msn.com>
Salem, OR USA
- Fri May 14 17:23:39 2004

Nice website. Thank you for doing this. Does anyone have information about Bill ayers, who I believe served as an air crew man dusing 1944-45?

Jim Peterson <vebaman@sbcglobal.net>
Chicago, IL USA
- Sat May 1 13:01:30 2004

My father JEROME LIPMAN was a "Mickey Man" Navigator Radar Bombardier. 19th Bomb Squadron. 22nd Bomb Group in 5th Air Force. Assigned from March 1945- Clark Field, Phillipines then to Okinawa until October 1945.
He practiced as an attorney in Philadelphia for 53 years.
At 80 years old, he recently passed away to be with the many others that he so proudly had served with in WWII.
I would love to hear from anyone who's family that might of known my father and might have stories to share.
Thank you.
Jennifer Lipman <JennyLipman@aol.com>
Philadelphia, PA USA
- Sun Apr 18 09:43:39 2004

Interesting website, very hard to find information on the 5th AF in Britain so if any one can help with information about the 71st TRG 82nd FS i would be very grateful, especially the colour scheme for their Disney Dog emblem for the 'Straffin' Saints' and when and how the name came to be
Russell Swann <russelljswannp51@hotmail.com>
Brighton, England
- Sat Apr 3 11:33:03 2004

Hello and thanks for such a wonderful gift to those who served and their loved ones. My father was a bombadier and navigator on B25s in the Pacific in WWII. I know he got together with some of his old buddies before he passed away. I'd like to learn more about his WWII experiences and friends. If anyone has pertinent info I'd really appreicate it. His name was Ed (Eddie Edward) Matthews and was from New York. thanks again!
Jim Matthews <jim@beerboozebooks.com>
Pipersville, PA USA
- Sun Mar 21 15:39:53 2004

I am looking for information on LT Robert G. Gallaway.
I am trying to compile information about him to be used in a display. I also have some color slides of various nose art of your B-24S that I would be willing to share with your group.
Ken Gomez <stang1965@cox.net>
Amarillo, TX USA
- Sun Mar 7 07:10:20 2004

American Citizens RAF RCAF WWII

I am researching U.S. citizens who served with the RCAF during the early days of WWII. After Pearl Harbor, many would transfer to the U.S. Forces.

Any names/information would be appreciated.

Contact: wpf13@hotmail.com
Wally P. Fydenchuk <wpf13@hotmail.com>
- Sun Feb 22 09:43:31 2004

I have really enjoyed the site for quite some time, but am just now getting around to signing the guestbook. My father, James (Jim) "Billy" Grubbs, was in the 2nd Squardron. He flew in "Wild Willie" which family rumor has it was named after my father. If anyone can provide any insight as to this, I would appreciate it.

Thanks for the site and keep up the good work!
Jon Grubbs <jongrubbs@aol.com>
Wildwood, IL USA
- Wed Feb 4 16:28:14 2004

My father, S/Sgt. Merrill S. Matthews, Serial # 20740618
(19th Bombardment Squadron, 22nd Bombardment Group (Medium), U.S. Army Air Corps (5th Air Force), SWPA) served from 1940 till 1945. He was an electrical engineer for the B-26 Marauders used by the 19th. I have a fantastic 8 x 10 glossy original group portrait of the Engineering Department, taken on 19 Aug 1943, in New Guinea. The entire group (numbering 97 men) are kneeling or standing in front of one of the shiny B-26 Marauders (after they stripped the paint off them). Anyone who was in the 19th Squadron, who can help with identity, please e-mail me and I will e-mail you a jpg of the image. The only person I can currently recognise is my dad, Merrill S. Matthews.
Tammy Matthews <tammy.matthews@centurytel.com>
West Monroe, LA USA
- Wed Jan 28 09:49:14 2004

I want to thank you for this website. My father, Vincent Baraloto, served in World War II and all my life I have heard brilliant stories of the Red Raiders. I am thrilled they are immortalized in this way.
Elaine Baraloto Trovato <ekangaru@hotmail.com>
Baltimore, MD USA
- Wed Jan 28 07:27:50 2004

Great site! Found you from a link on a flight sim forum on B-25's. My Dad is a WWII vet that served as a Combat Medic with the 119th Inf. Regt., 30th Inf. Div. in Europe. He's my hero and I grew up to be like him. I was a Combat Medic with the 2/327th Inf. Bat., 101st Abn. Div. in Vietnam, 3/69-3/70.

Welcome home...
James Pullen <jgpullensr@cox.net>
Towanda, KS USA
- Sat Jan 24 11:16:31 2004

It is a very good website, keep up the good work because the youngter must know how hard it is to keep them free
Larry Shimokaji <larryshimokaji>
Carson, CA USA
- Thu Jan 22 13:24:47 2004

Charter member of Hq.Sq. Joined it at Mitchel Field LI, NY
When the war broke out, was transfered to the 408th BS. Served as airplane armorer B-26,B-25 & B-24. Spent 38 months overseas with the bomb group.
Otto J. Tatar <ottolu@webjogger.net>
Rhinebeck, NY USA
- Fri Jan 9 16:42:01 2004

Entered Air Force, June 13, 1942. Jefferson Barracks, Mo; Scott Field, IL; Yuma, AZ; Tonapah, NV; Fairfield, CA; Delivered B-24 #536 to Townsvill, Australia;then moved to Nadzab, New Gueni; Owi; and then last duty station was Clark Field, Phillipines. Flew: 42 missions 22nd Bomb Group-2nd Bomb Squadron. Last mission June 2, 1945; returned to Santa Ana Air Base, CA. Discharged October 9, 1945. Returned to Cleveland, Ohio. God Bless America, Joseph M. Tosto. Note: son served in USAF June 1966 - May 1970. Castle AFB, CA in support of B-52 and KC-135 aircraft, one year in Viet Nam, Phu Cat AFB with 37th Tactical Fighter Squardron. Joe Tosto Senior address: 6418 Fairhven Rd., Mayfield Heights, OH 44124. Phone: (440) 442-3731, email is for Joe Tosto, Jr.
Joseph M. Tosto <joecarolto@aol.com>
Mayfield Hts, OH USA
- Thu Nov 27 11:56:01 2003

I was a copilot on a B-24 under Royal Brantley . We had the same crew through training and all bombing missions. After a few "Milk runs" from Nadzab New Guinea..! We were given orders assigned to the Fifth Air Corp - 22nd Bomber Grp - 2nd Sqdn stationed at Clark Field out of Manila on Luzon Island. (May 1945 to November 1945) The Group was called the Red Raiders. We took a few days to settle in and then was assign flying bombing missions.. While here - we bombed the Northern part of Formosa and Hong Kong. We did not have the range to bomb the Japan itself. Our missions lasted approx seven to 10 hours. We had about 10 missions in when our group were ordered to fly to Morotai to assist the 13th AAF bomb the Celebes area in support of the coming invasion of Borneo by the English. We were six crews and B24's involved from our sqdn. We reported in and started bombing missions from Morotai . We did lose some crews over the Celebes sriking fighter airfields at low altitude runs. We were released back to our base at Clark Field . We moved to Okinawa Aug 1945 to Motobo strip and flew our last (thirteenth) over Japan on day hostilities were to cease. We were given a flight plan to fly of cities at low altitude runs and if fired on - drop our bombs. Nagaski was the last one we flew over and had to return to base.
We then awaited our orders to go home or to Japan in occupation forces. I had enough points to be sent home and assigned to a new crew to fly a B-24 back to the states from Clark Field to Mather Field in California.. There I was sent to Chanute Field for discharge from the service.

Bill Carlson
Phoenix, Arizona
Bill Carlson < Wackerat@wmconnect.com>
Phoenix, AZ USA
- Sat Nov 15 17:23:42 2003

My father, S/Sgt William H. Geiger flew 46 missions with the Red Raiders, 22nd BG, 33rd Squadren between 9/14/44 and 5/12/45 as a replacement gunner. He is alive and well and would be very interested in hearing from anyone who may have served with him.

David Geiger <dgeiger1@cinci.rr.com>
Cincinnati, Oh USA
- Tue Nov 11 05:23:34 2003

This is a terrific site! I've been looking for anyone who may have known my cousin, 1st Lt. Donald White. He was killed on Sept. 1, 1944 while flying the B-24 "Ole Tomato". He was part of the 33rd Squadron and entered service from California. If there is anyone who may have photos, information, etc. please let me know. Thanks to the Red Raiders, thanks for honoring their service, and God Bless America!
Adrienne Osmun <aosmun@wowway.com>
- Fri Nov 7 08:20:11 2003

My brother-in-law S/Sgt Gerald "Jerry" Lyde was a gunner with the 22nd, 2nd squadron and flew 57 missions in B25's 1943-1944 and B24's 1944-1945. Their pilot was named Gus Larson and their Sqdrn Commander was named Summers. If anyone remembers Gerald and would like to send him a message, feel free to email me as he has yet to adopt this electronic form of communication. Gerald is very proud to have been a Red Raider and I am very proud to know one.
B. Bell <Baumbell@aol.com>
Tulsa, Ok USA
- Sun Nov 2 11:39:44 2003

Seeking information on the family 2nd Lt Howard H. Hamilton from 379th Bomb Group/527th Bomber Squadron. Kimbolton Airfield. Aircraft crashed in Belgium in August 1944. I would appreciate any help.
JC <dudley.clist@btinternet.com>
- Fri Oct 24 22:37:21 2003

My father was Otto Bill McIver usually known as either Bill or Mac. He arrived in Australia May 1942. He flew with the 5th. Air Force, 22nd bomb group, I don't know the squadron. He flew B-26's as well as B-17 and B-26. He was in New Guinea,the Coral Sea, Northern Solomons, Bismarek Archipelago. The tail number of one of the airplanes was 41-17596. He also flew the first B-26 remodeled to England to deliver it to the 8th Air Force for Gen.Doolittle. That was June 1944. Do any of you know my dad or of him? Do you have any old photos of him? I found one of him in the James C. Huston Collection. Way Cool. I love this web site. Thank you so much.
Nickie McIver <niverka@yahoo.com>
Modesto, Ca USA
- Thu Oct 9 13:34:10 2003

My father, Leonard Gerald Hudson, served with the 408 BS 22nd BG during 1944. He died from wounds at the Battle of Leyte Gulf when I was 6 months old. I'd love to hear from anyone that knew him.
Mike Hudson <grizhudson@comcast.net>
Renton, WA USA
- Fri Sep 26 22:30:22 2003

I'm trying to discover information about my Father, Paul.I know that he was part of the 500th Bomb sq.A Tail gunner on what plane i'm not sure. He served in the liberation of the Philippines as well as air offensives Japan,New Guinea,and Luzon. He was awarded 4 bronze service stars as well as World War 2 Victory Ribbon, AP Theater Ribbon, Phillipine Liberation Ribbon. He never talked about the time he spent serving his country. If anyone has any information as to how I can learn more about my Father please contact me .
Keith Bumgardner <welike2peg@aol.com>
Rock island , IL USA
- Wed Sep 17 22:00:49 2003

My uncle, S/Sgt. William P. Mackosky appears on your dedication list. According to the telegraph, he was killed in action on 6/9/44 in the Southwest Pacific Area. The telegraph, a few letters, and a picture of his grave are the only documents we have related to his service and death. One letter indicated he was with the 22nd Bombardment Group (H), 408 Bomb Squad. Wondering if any members on the Red Raiders remember Bill and have suggestions about how we can find his grave.
Bob Ferko <bferko@cox.net>
Irvine, Ca USA
- Wed Sep 3 16:51:52 2003

My Uncle William (Bill) Robertson was with the 19th Sq I believe. In the book The Marauder, he is shown behind the desk in the 19th Sqdn section of the book. He is on the left in the photo titled "Wheel Horses of Paperwork". I would have to assume he was an admin type from the photo. I have had his book for probably 40 years or more but since he is no longer with us I can't find out much about his time in the USAAF.
Congrats on a great web site preserving your heritage.
Douglas Robertson
Doug Robertson <Para4T5@aol.com>
Pittsburg, CA USA
- Sun Jul 20 22:39:44 2003

I sent details of my experiences with the 22nd Bomb Group,19th squadron 7/8/03. I submitted the information, logged off and back on. All the information came on and it pleased me. I logged on tonight 7/9/03 and nothing came up. Why
Bob Hanitsch <hanitsch@aol.com>
Brockton, MA USA
- Wed Jul 9 17:32:51 2003

My name is Bob Hanitsch and I was a B24 Pilot in the 22nd Bomb Group, 19th Squadron. I joined the
group on Samar in Jan 45. From there we went to Clark Field on Luzon and finally to Okinawa. I had a
fine crew and it was the experience of a lifetime.
Robert Hanitsch <Hanitsch@aol.com>
Brockton, 02301, MA USA
- Tue Jul 8 11:06:46 2003

My Father Joseph H. Bushnell was with the Red Raiders in WWII, if any one knew him I would like to hear from you. He told exciting and life moving stories. I have always wanted to know more, but he was not always forthcoming. On November 9, 2003 he went to be with the Lord.
Tony Bushnell <tonynmaressa@msn.com>
Boise, ID USA
- Thu Jun 12 17:45:32 2003

Ted Kentroti is my uncle (and hero). He was a bombadier with the Red Raiders. He went on to fly combat missions in Korea and Vietnam. If anyone remembers him, please write as I'm sure he would like to hear from his old comrades.
Mike Ampazis <michaelampazis@hotmail.com>
Monroe, ga USA
- Thu Jun 12 16:34:08 2003

Looking for anyone who remembers an air crash at Langley AFB on 5 Nov 1951. First LT. William Keith Clements was killed as the plane had trouble on take off and was unable to return to base. He was a member of the 117th Bomb Squadron of the 4400 Combat Crew Training Group. Pls contact me direct.
Sterling Putman <sterput@aol.com>
Joshua Tree, CA USA
- Mon May 19 18:03:56 2003

Looking for anyone who remembers ancrash at Langley AFB on 5 Nov 1951. First LT. William keith Clements was killed as the plane had trouble on take off and was unable to return to base. Pls contact me direct.
Sterling Putman <sterput@aol.com>
Joshua Tree, CA USA
- Mon May 19 18:01:07 2003

My Dad flew as a bombardier in 1945 with Phil Lyness, Dick Dworsky, Bill Gedrim, Joe Simmen, Bill Drumm, Lou Oldroyd, Ray Wilson, and Don Stickle. I would like to hear any stories from anyone who knew my father or his crew. I have some nose art and locale pictures.
William H Niemeier Jr <whneeyore@att.net>
Jacksonville, AL USA
- Sat May 10 22:15:41 2003

My Grandfather Carl Friddle was featured on this website and was greatly appreciated. I am 15 yrs. old and miss him dearly he has benn dead for 2 yrs. now and he was a great man and fought in WW2 and now the whole world can see how brave he was and what he did for our freedom. I think you from the bottom of my heart for putting him on your website and may God Bless!
Mesquite, TX USA
- Thu May 8 08:37:07 2003

I find this site most interesting! I learned things about my Godfather, Arthur J. Sassani, that I had not known before. Thank You!
Alberta Ciocco-Politi <ac.politi@rcn.com>
Bethlehem, PA USA
- Sun May 4 19:10:36 2003

I have an album with pictures from 1943-1944 Red's Raider's ,it's Frederick Mocker Jr. 's album., also there is some pictures from the U.S.S. HURON On 1925.
Jorge Carrasco <jacrod@hotmail.com>
Phoenix, AZ USA
- Tue Apr 29 16:33:55 2003

Thank you for producing such a down to earth site. As a writer I can tell you are a skilled communicator. Thanks again.
Communication Skills
Davenport, New York US
- Fri Apr 18 12:38:52 2003

Hey! Nice site. If you are ever in Las Vegas let's play golf. lonniejames@hotmail.com.
Las Vegas Golf
Las Vegas, Nevada US
- Thu Apr 17 13:41:30 2003

My father was Master Sgt. Joseph Louis Crowder, Jr. I have enjoyed this wonderful site and all the messages and fine photos.
Linda Crowder Brennison
Columbia, SC USA
- Tue Apr 8 17:12:55 2003

Thanks for a great site. My Dad served with the 5th AF, 500th Bomb Squadron, 345th BG flying in B-25's. I found out about your site thru Jim Garren, son of Capt. Alfred Garren, of your Red Raiders. He was kind enough to send me a couple of pictures of his Dad with 500th markings on them taken in New Guinea. Check out this web site if you get a chance (http://www.calweb.com/~warbird/index.html). Thanks again - GREAT SITE!
Russ Lowrey <juststuff@insightbb.com>
Fishers, IN USA
- Sun Mar 30 13:12:53 2003

Looking for anyone from 22nd Bomb Group Photo Unit- Okinawa 1947-48. I have some pictures you may want, of Sgt. Richard E. Riggins and Group in front of PHOTO UNIT LAB quonset bldg. and Barracks.
Sgt.Don Ayres <ranchorockinaye@dm-tech .net>
Red Bluff, CA USA
- Sun Mar 2 09:22:48 2003

I've just discovered this great site. My father was S/Sgt. Jesse Stewart with the 22nd BG 408th BS. He remembers that he flew with a pilot with the last name Dreiman, first initial 'J'(spelling may not be accurate)and a co-pilot named Crochet (no first name-possibly the Mark Crochet listed on this site). Dad is going through his papers now and if I come up with anything more, I'll post it here. Dad would love hearing from anyone he might have served with. As I said, this is a wonderful site.
Randall Stewart <ranstew52@yahoo.com>
Pace, FL USA
- Wed Feb 19 14:17:31 2003

Wonderful site. Came looking for information about Sgt. Normand J. Dostie. Went missing in action when lost contact with his transport plane Nov. 26, 1944. Would love to know if anyone has any info.
Stacy Keene <mattnstacyk@msn.com>
Gardiner, ME USA
- Wed Feb 12 12:46:46 2003

I just came across an old scrap book from 43-43. It includes group photos of flight crews for B-26s of 33rd squadron, including Cpt. Robinson & crew, Cpt. Kahle and crew, Capt. Lewis and crew, Cpt Nichols and crew, and Major Manson and crew and a number of camp photos. If anyone cares for copies or has any questions, contact me by email....
Bruce Manson <bruce_manson9084@yahoo.com>
Los Gatos, ca USA
- Sat Feb 8 17:56:53 2003

Hey I really like your site. I have found some of the information here helpfull. Thanks :) Joe D.
Joe <j_dirt@hotmail.com>
Memphis, TN US
- Tue Jan 21 19:32:09 2003

My uncle, Lloyd Cunningham's death notice says "lost
his life November 7, ;while flying on a mission over
Nigerias (sic) Island in the Pacific. He was serving
as radio gunner with the 72nd Bomber Squadron, in the
5th Bombidier (sic) Group in the East Indies."

I also have a newspaper clipping, in which Dale Covert
tells the story, which is transcribed at:


Additionally, I have found this guest book posting,
which has be very intrigued, but, so far have not been
able to make contact with Tony Brickner:


Do any of you have any information or ideas where I
can find more information about my uncle? He is
buried in Leavenworth, KS - which I just found out a
week ago. His three sisters are all still living and
I'd like to find out more about him for them.

Thanks for anything you might be able to contribute.

Jeanne Lee Cunningham

Jeanne Lee Cunningham <jeanne2510@yahoo.com>
Lawrence, KS USA
- Mon Jan 13 21:54:44 2003

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